Basic concepts of IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix is one of the most recently launched platforms by IBM that mainly aims to provide the services where you can speed up the entire process of deploying, managing and creating applications over the cloud.IBM Bluemix works on the base of cloud foundry which is an open source cloud based architecture that has been launched by IBM itself. The main aim of Bluemix is to deliver services that are based on the enterprise level and hold the capacity of integrating all of your cloud based applications. If you are planning to take IBM Bluemix Courses from Web Development Training Institute, this article will explain you the details of IBM foundry and talk about the features of Bluemix, PaaS, etc.

Let us first understand what exactly cloud foundry is. It is an open source PaaS. PaaS here stands for Platform as a service. The main aim of this is to help you in the creation and deployment of application of the cloud without spending a lot of time on it. Since you don’t have the limitations related to cloud infrastructure or working regulation over specific software, you get the advantage of using this to help you in the works related to your cloud application. When you use foundry, you would realize the kind of services it offers to its users. Lets checkout some of these features.

The first advantage here is associated with the compatibility. There are a variety of development related frameworks and languages that are compatible with Bluemix. Be it the ones based on java or the others that use languages like ruby, CSS, etc. the ease of using them with Bluemix makes them outstanding. Talking about the application services, it is important to know that the Bluemix has a varied support for Redis, MySQL, PostGreSQL, Mongo DB, etc. In context to the cloud, Bluemix offers the option of running the foundry in different ways like public and private, open-stacked, VMWare, etc.

Now that we have focused on how the foundry works, let us see the concepts of Bluemix. Bluemix basically ensures that all the features of foundry are implemented properly in the applications that are developed and deployed over clouds. The best thing about Bluemix is the dashboard that comes along for you to develop the applications, view them and manage them the way you want to ensure that the productivity of all the resources, manual and machine is high.

Node, ruby, python, php, etc. are some of the prominent runtimes where the Bluemix is used. In addition to this, there are a variety of services like Big Insights. Business Rules, Data Cache, etc. that is available with the Bluemix. Since these are in the expanding catalogue, you can choose the ones you want to make your work of development easy. If as a developer, time spent in optimization of the app over the cloud is your major concern, using Bluemix would ensure that it is reduced to the minimum.


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