The Differences Between Home Care and Home Health Care

When discussing elder care options, you might balk at the idea that your basically healthy loved one might already need professional assistance. Not all types of home care in Costa Mesa are the same, though. The two main categories of in-home care are home care and home health care. Knowing the differences between the two can help you decide which one would benefit your loved one more.

What Is Home Care?

Home care in Laguna Beach is mainly centered around supporting your loved one’s lifestyle. As people age, they are often unable to perform various daily living tasks that they used to be able to do. A home care professional can provide transportation to doctor’s appointments or help run errands for someone who can no longer drive. In-home help can assist by doing laundry, preparing meals or cleaning the house. In addition to all the practical ways a caregiver can help, another benefit of home care in Costa Mesa could be companionship for a lonely senior who does not like to be alone at home all day.

What Is Home Health Care?

By contrast, home health care is medical in nature. Home health care providers are medical professionals, such as physical therapists or nurses. People often need home health care when they have had surgery or have suffered an injury. If a patient has had a recent change in medication and needs to be monitored for side effects, home health care may be a better option than an extended stay in the hospital or a long-term care facility. Home health care can be a vital step to regaining independence after a physical setback.

Which One Does My Loved One Need?

To determine whether your loved one would benefit more from home care in Laguna Beach, home health care or a combination of both, you must understand his or her needs. If your loved one is recovering from surgery and cannot get around very well, or if he or she has frequent physical therapy appointments, home health care might be the better option. If, however, your loved one is relatively healthy and only needs the occasional reminder to take medication or requires assistance preparing regular meals so that he or she can take the medication safely, hiring home care in Costa Mesa is probably sufficient. When in doubt, your loved one’s doctor can help you decide which one would be more appropriate.

It is normal for people to require some kind of assistance as they get older, but not all in-home services are the same. Knowing your loved one’s needs can help you decide between home care and home health care.

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