Keeping A Wedding Book Is Important To Create Memoire Of The Event

Wedding is the communion of a man and woman in front of their friends and family. No other occasion in your life can bring that thrill and enthusiasm as much as your wedding does. No matter how perfect you keep your ceremony with the help of a professional, still you need to spend some time on the arrangements. Your wedding planner takes all your responsibilities but will be unable to implement it unless you don’t tell them your tradition.

One traditional method that has recently got popularity is a wedding book. A wedding book was in earlier times, kept in the venue for guests to write their names and addresses. This way even the host knew who attended their wedding and incase guests wanted they could leave a small note of thought or blessing for the couple. It might sound funny but was considered the best way to remember and treasure few moments.

A wedding book was mostly of white color with a feather pen attached to it. Now with new trends coming in, the trend of book has also changed. You can get fashionable guest books online with different patterns or colors. Some couples keep their guest book similar to their wedding theme. Hence, they buy a plain simple scrapbook and decorate it accordingly with ribbons and colors.

This wedding book becomes a part of your life. Whenever you need, you can relive that wedding moment by reading those lovely messages written by your friends and close relatives. People might think that a video recording or photography is enough to treasure moments, but we have many reasons to keep a wedding book –

  • An album full of photographs is heavy to be carried to every place, similarly to play a recording, you need to arrange everything and arrange yourself as well. However, a wedding book is small and can be carried anywhere at any place, all you have to do is turn the pages and read lovely notes and blessings given by your dear ones.
  • Sometimes these blessings contain short notes of suggestions and advice which can help you in future to keep your married life simple.
  • Guests mention their addresses in the book, this way you would be sure who came to your wedding and before sending a thank you note or a wedding favor you would have the accurate address.
  • Some families follow their old tradition whole heartedly. They have a huge wedding book already, since the time their grandparents got married and are being carried forward till grandchildren.
  • Book remains same pages get added, this way you will have all memories for every generation in one book, including those guests who have passed away and in the sake of memory we have just their blessings .

Mostly couples in hurry, thinking it to be just a book, pick a disastrous plain simple scrapbook. This is just not accepted, if the cutlery used during your wedding has to be perfect then why can’t a book which will be with you for your entire life.

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