Cutting Through the Financial Red Tape

Modern companies need to be able to handle payments in a modern way. This helps with many core administrative concerns, chiefly cash flow and client relationships. Global payments tend to throw a wrench in the works when businesses are scaling up, or in the increasingly popular globally distributed startup model. Going international gives you a unique opportunity to leverage your human capital towards higher, better conversions, especially for widely distributed workforces. Make sure you don’t fall behind due to outdated or headquarters-centric payment systems. Look for the following characteristics in corporate global payment solutions.


You need global payment solutions that scale up as fast as your operations. Especially for startups with a buyout exit strategy, it makes sense to outsource accounting and even financialadministrative functions as much as possible. In fact, anyone with a lean home base can benefit from shopping out these services, especially when it comes to relatively high-risk global actions. Make sure that you get the right services for your business now along with options for growth in the future. Look for things like tiered service, good currency exchange features and a global perspective.

Does It Make Sense?

It’s important to use a system that fits in with your current operations or, if you’re starting from the ground up, to use something that is compatible with other industry-leading technologies. For that, you need to have a developer-friendly toolkit available. Don’t get backed into shipping proprietary and possibly clumsy functionalities in excess of the tools you need. Make sure that you’re working with global payments providers who know the value of doing things the client’s way.

Make It Easy

Keeping things simple is the name of the game when it comes to getting your people paid. You also want to make it extraordinarily easy for people to pay you. Some of the benefits of an easy-to-use system are common sense, but there are some subtle administrative plus-sides that you might not consider right now. For example, simpler systems are easy to train: a great advantage when your financial wizard decides to delegate. It also helps when onboarding any stakeholder. Everybody loves getting paid and squaring away accounts, so make it as pleasant as possible.

Streamlining your accounting, configuring your payment systems and getting low-cost implementation are all essential if you’re taking a step towards global payments. Make sure that your solution provider can pull its weight by checking out all the details before you confirm your partnership. Check out this site for more info on corporate services and a full range of alternatives.

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