6 Signs Your Garbage Disposal Is Going Bad

Your kitchen’s garbage disposal is not only convenient, it offers a proven way to keep your plumbing system from developing a nasty clog. As such, you should pay close attention to your disposal to know when you need to fix or replace it. When you do, New York Replacement Parts Corporation has the inventory you need. Here are six warning signs your garbage disposal is in distress.

  1. The Disposal Won’t Engage

Not turning on is the clearest sign something is amiss with your disposal. The problem, however, may not be serious. Before you order a replacement, be sure the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped. Also, check the disposal’s internal reset. If both the breaker and the reset switch are intact, your garbage disposal is probably on the blink.

  1. You Must Constantly Reset the Disposal 

Your garbage disposal has a reset switch to prevent electrical shock. If you must routinely reset the disposal, there is probably an issue with the unit’s wiring or motor. Replacing your outdated disposal will likely fix the problem. New York Replacement Parts Corporation has a wide inventory of modern disposals. Instead of reaching under the sink, consider installing an upgrade with better wiring.

  1. The Disposal Runs Forever

As you know, you shouldn’t rely on your garbage disposal to dispose of everything. If you are cautious about what you wash down your kitchen drain, however, your disposal should quickly eliminate it. A disposal that takes a long time to break down debris is not functioning optimally. Instead of running your disposal forever, swap out dull blades or replace the unit entirely.

  1. The Disposal Stinks

Nobody wants a smelly kitchen. If your disposal isn’t operating correctly, though, it can allow some foul odors to permeate into your house. With improved technology and enhanced components, the disposals at New York Replacement Parts Corporation do a better job at controlling offensive smells.

  1. You Hear Strange Noises 

No garbage disposal operates in complete silence. Still, your disposal should not make excessive noises. A loud disposal likely has a failing motor or dull blades. Either way, by servicing your disposal, you can probably remedy loud, grinding noises.

  1. Your Disposal Is Old

Most garbage disposals are durable devices. They are not, however, capable of living forever. If your disposal is showing its age, it is probably time to order a new unit.

Watch for these six warning signs to know when you need to repair or replace your kitchen garbage disposal. Whether you need a quick fix or a complete replacement, you can probably find what you want at nyrpcorp.com.

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