Common Problems Necessitating Speedometer Calibration or Repair

Like everyone else, you probably keep a close eye on your car to make sure everything is in working order. Whether you depend on it to bring you to work, school or miscellaneous errands, being without a car because of a malfunction costs you both time and money. It’s important to make sure you address problems right away. For instance, if you notice something off with your speedometer, you should invest in speedometer calibration before you have a bigger problem down the road. Unfortunately, there are a few common problems that target your speedometer that you should be monitoring.

Sudden Power Loss

If you’re driving down the road and all of a sudden, the digital display telling you how fast you’re driving goes off, you know you most likely need speedometer cluster repair, especially if it’s limited to just the speedometer display and not all electrics in the vehicle. While not the worst driving emergency, it’s still important that you take it to an auto shop that can get it fixed.

Displays Wrong Speed or No Speed at All

When your car is moving, you should have some indication of how fast you’re going. Posted speed limits are there and enforced for a reason, and unfortunately, a broken speedometer is not a good enough excuse to get you out of a speeding ticket. You may also risk traveling under the speed limit and endangering yourself and other drivers. If your speedometer is displaying the incorrect speed or not registering speed at all, it’s definitely time for speedometer calibration or repair.

Additional Gauge Problems

Your temperature, gas and oil gauges are all close enough to the speedometer that when something is wrong with the whole cluster, the symptoms may show up somewhere else. If you notice your gas gauge isn’t registering the correct amount or you’re seeing an abnormal temperature reading, you might need speedometer cluster repair. You’ll also need it if you see inconsistency with any of your gauges, such as working one day then doing nothing the next.

Flickering Lights

The lights on your dashboard don’t have to go completely out before you realize there’s a problem. Dimming, flickering or delayed illumination are all signs of something wrong. Don’t take any chances. Take your car to a mechanic. He or she will be able to run a simple test and diagnose the problem.

Hit the Shop

If you need speedometer calibration, don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Give your car the attention and repair it requires so it can continue to be reliable for all your needs.

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