Common Signs of Prostate Cancer

Hundreds of thousands of men are affected by prostate cancer each year, but if caught early enough, prostate cancer treatment is oftentimes successful in combating the disease. HIFU prostate cancer medical experts are available to guide patients through the difficult journey of diagnosing and treating this particular cancer. Here are common signs you may be suffering from this frightening illness.

Urinary Issues

If you begin to have trouble urinating, this may be a sign that your prostate is enlarging due to age or prostate cancer. The urinary trouble can go one way or the other. Some men experience difficulty urinating and cannot empty their bladders completely due to weak or slow urination streams. Other men find that they have to urinate all the time, no matter how many times they go. This increased urination is particularly bothersome at night.


If you notice blood in your urine stream, you should contact HIFU for prostate cancer screening. Blood in your urine or in your semen is also a sign that you may be suffering from prostate cancer. Do not ignore this symptom, as it is never normal to have blood in either fluid. If the men in your family have a history of prostate trouble, keep an eye on your urine and semen to ensure there isn’t any change in the color. As mentioned above, early detection is key to combating this disease.

Another issue might be sexual dysfunction. Every man has trouble achieving an erection at least once or twice in his life, but if you are having issues on a regular basis, there may be an underlying cause related to your prostate. Do not take erectile dysfunction lightly. This is a sign of a possible medical condition or too much stress in your life at the very least. Schedule an appointment with a medical expert to discuss your trouble in the bedroom just to make certain cancer isn’t the cause.

Unusual Pain

Finally, as with many cancers, prostate cancer spreads when left untreated. Pain in your back, chest and hips are an indication that you may have cancer of the prostate that has spread to other parts of your body, especially your bones. Once the cancer reaches this stage, it is much more difficult to cure, so make certain you schedule a regular prostate exam alongside your annual physical. If you have cancer pressing against your spine, you may also experience leg numbness and weakness.

HIFU are prostate cancer experts. Contact them today if you are experiencing any of the listed symptoms.

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