Multi-Person Tubes and Towables: Water Fun For the Whole Family

For your next watersports adventure, consider investing in a durable towable inflatable raft to ride the wake behind your speedboat. Among top rated towable tubes, there are many different styles and options to suit from one to up to six people. Read below to learn about different tubing options for the entire family.

One-Person Tubes

The classic one-person inner tube is probably one of the best inflatable towable rafts on the market. Made with durable high-denier nylon, these tubes won’t tear or break with the pressure of the pull. Lie down on a flat-top tube, or sit inside a traditional inner tube. Cock pit style rafts can offer greater levels of safety for younger children; and the more adventurous can hang onto bat wing-shaped steerable rafts, or hold tight inside a tumbling inflatable gyro tube.

Two-Person Towables

In two-person rafts, you can ride with your friend or family member to double the fun. These may come in many different forms, which can include a double-set twin inner tube, which is a take on the traditional tube, attached side-by-side to another. Other designs inspired by the shapes of gliders, speed boats, and jet skis, can allow riders to sit, stand, or lie down next to each other, or sit in a line one behind the other. Look for options of top rated towable tubes with dual-tow points which offer added versatility with two completely different riding experiences.

Three-Person Rafts

Three-person inflatable rafts make even more fun for the family. Riders may lie headfirst on flattop or jet ski style rafts, or enjoy the comfort of inflatable back and head rests for a high-speed boat-style pull. Some of the best inflatable towable rafts, moreover, are designed so that some riders may sit, some may lie flat, and sometimes even some may stand. These different options let riders enjoy the ride in a way that feels most comfortable and safe for them.


Why stop at three when you can bring four, five, or even six people out together for boat-wake tubing? These designs may include jumbo inner tubes that allow riders to sit around the outside facing each other, or flattop rafts with supports for kneeling both frontward and backward. One of the most popular multi-person towable designs is the hotdog. This allows multiple people, up to six, to sit one behind the other on the hotdog-shaped tube, while resting their knees or feet on the “bun.” Look for big hotdog designs to accommodate more people, and also consider side-by-side dual hotdog rafts for an alternate rafting experience.

If you’re looking for the best inflatable towable rafts for your family, consider the large variety of multi-person options to maximize your summer fun.

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