Keeping Your Bathroom a Refuge

For many people the bath is a place to relax and unwind for the day. A mobility issue shouldn’t keep you from experiencing this pleasure. With designers now creating bathtubs for disabled clients, anyone facing a mobility problem can continue to enjoy the peace found in a hot soak. Continue reading to learn more.

Relax Without Worry

Many bathtubs for the disabled are designed with a number of great features that make them easy to use. Easy to turn latches and handles mean you don’t have to be super strong to drain the tub or open the door. Easily reachable controls mean you can make any adjustments you want, and the inclusion of a handheld shower wand makes it easy to take a shower or bath or even use both as you desire. Many walk-in tubs come with an easy to clean coating so even basic tub maintenance can be simple to perform.

Still Your Enjoyable Bath

Many walk in tubs com with features that some regular tubs don’t even have. This means that just because they’re bathtubs for disabled customers doesn’t mean the user is missing out of any of the best features. Heated seats and water jets let you relax in style. Some models even include options for aromatherapy and chromotherapy meaning you can truly feel spoiled. With these great features it can still be a relaxing and enjoyable experience to come home after a long day and have a hot soak.

Safe and Convenient

These bathtubs for the disabled were designed with the safety and convenience of the user in mind. Statistics show that two thirds of bathroom related injuries occur near a tub or shower, however walk-in tubs are designed to help mitigate these risks. The seat incorporated into the tub bed allows the user to remain comfortable without having to compromise their balance while settling in. It’s just like sitting in a chair. The watertight door helps you avoid the potential problems of stepping over a tub wall, while easy to reach controls mean the user doesn’t have to move or lean too far in order to make any desired adjustments.

Now that you know there are bathtubs for disabled parties, you can start looking for the right model to fit your needs. Continue to relax in the comfort you deserve with the great features many of these tubs include. When you know that these tubs have been designed with your safety, comfort, and convenience in mind, you can still enjoy a great bath.

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