Do You Know the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Design?

Many homebuyers often wonder whether there is a difference between modern design and contemporary design. Let us discuss this topic as per the views of Rocco Basile, who is a well-known consultant for buying and selling of properties.

What is contemporary design?

Contemporary design is related to designs that is prevalent in today’s world. There is constant change happening in the interior designing world and many new ideas are introduced every now and then. Contemporary designs basically talk about the trend at present.

What is Modern design?

Modern design on the other hand is related to what was prevalent in the recent past. Even the designs that are more than fifty years back can come under the category of modern design. The purpose of such design is to celebrate the mood and culture of that period and enjoy it in today’s context as well.

What is prevalent today?

According to Rocco Basile most of the people prefer modern design for their interiors. The design could be fifty years old or just 5-year-old. People mostly prefer to have open space with minimal amount of decoration. However, there must be beauty with simplicity. Modern style architecture gives much prominence to uncluttered atmosphere and prefers to use furniture of mid century as a focal point.

Some of the modern design concept includes the following –

  1. Open floor plans

These days, you may find most of the houses are designed with plenty of open space and that is the concept of mid century modern concept. There will be very few walls and therefore the movement from one room to the other will be much easier and swift. You get lots of opportunity to play around in placing your furniture and give an impression of very larger space in the interior. Most of the modern designed homes have bare floors and that supports the concept of living in open airy place.

2.  Various angles and lines

In modern style, there will various kinds of geometric shapes and lines in the interior design that you can find in many mid century architectural designs and also in the furniture. In some designs, you can also observe asymmetry too.

3.  Few number of furniture

Keeping less amount of furniture is midcentury idea that will create more open space in the interior. The concept is for easy living where less is more.

4.  White walls

In most of the mid-century homes you will find fresh and white walls so that you are always at peace as long you are staying in your room. Basically, it gives an impression of simplicity.

5.  Natural material

In modern design, you will find most of the things are natural to give a feeling of warmth and welcoming. You will find either leather, wood, polished metals as a piece of décor or embedded with the doors or windows.

6.  Plenty of windows

You will find plenty of windows in modern design that will allow natural light inside the room.

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