Why Yes Is the Right Vote on Maine Question 1

If you have not yet decided how you are going to vote on Maine Question 1, you don’t have to panic. Still, you must make up your mind by Election Day, November 7, 2017. When you consider the many economic benefits of allowing a gaming and entertainment facility in York County, you will likely decide to vote yes on 1.

Reading the Measure

The first question on Maine’s ballot asks voters to approve the construction of a gaming and entertainment venue in York County, ME. The intended purpose of the venue is to provide residents and anyone who visits the area with recreational activities while raising significant tax revenue for education, senior citizens, agriculture, veterans, and Native Americans. Because those who engage in gaming pay for these causes, Mainers can expect to eventually pay fewer dollars each year in property taxes.

Understanding the Economic Impact

Before approving any ballot measure, Mainers should want to see an economic impact study. Proponents of the measure have commissioned one. The Florida-based consulting firm, Evans, Carroll and Associates, carefully considered the economic impacts of allowing an extension of gaming into York County. The results of their study are encouraging to Maine voters who want to improve the economic situation of residents of the area. Not only will construction lead to almost 3,000 short-term jobs, area residents will benefit from over 2,100 permanent positions. For those who live in the area, that means nearly $64.5 million in extra income from casino operations and more than $100 million in additional revenue during the construction phase of the project.

Helping Groups and Projects Around Maine

As mentioned before, since the entertainment and gaming venue in York County will raise an expected $45 million in annual tax revenue, Maine residents can eventually expect to pay fewer property taxes. Meanwhile, services should continue to expand as tax revenue benefits groups, causes and projects around the state. Those who have decided to vote yes on 1 recognize the many benefits of allocating extra money to important causes and vulnerable groups.

Keeping Gamers Safe

Concerned Maine voters might worry about the impact of expanding gaming to York County. Particularly, some might be concerned that an additional entertainment and gaming venue in Maine could lead to gambling addictions. Those who have studied the measure realize that it takes important steps to safeguard against gambling addiction. In fact, some of the additional revenue is earmarked specifically for the Gambling Addiction Prevention and Treatment Fund. Because Question 1 works hard to keep everyone who lives in or visits Maine safe, it is easy to vote yes on Question 1 in Maine.

Promoting the Economy

You probably know that a rising tide lifts all ships. When voting to approve an entertainment and gaming venue in York County, you contribute to economic advancement throughout the region. A coalition of business leaders and individuals supports the measure, because they know it will lead to economic prosperity. Those who recreate in York County won’t only spend money at the gaming and entertainment venue. They will also support local business, restaurants, and other organizations. Instead of leaving economic fortunes to chance, then, savvy voters realize they have a unique opportunity to improve economic conditions in York County and Beyond with a yes vote on Question 1.

Casting an Informed Vote

You still have time to decide how to vote on Question 1 in Maine. There is a significant amount of advertising and literature that has gone into persuading you to vote one way or the other. While it can be difficult to tune out the noise, it isn’t impossible. Once you weigh the many advantages of the measure, you will likely decide to vote yes on 1.

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