The Advantages of using an Offshore Prepaid Card

For both personal and business needs, financial dealings with people and organizations in places across the globe can be an uneasy situation. Scams and illegal schemes run rampant in such situations, and individuals and companies have lost money and assets getting duped in such scenarios. This is why you need to use a dependable, safe method to send money to other places in the world. An offshore virtual prepaid card is the perfect solution for you or your business. There are number of features you’ll feel good about when using these cards.

Use the Common Credit Card Networks

When you think of debit cards or credit cards, you probably think of Visa and MasterCard, arguably the two largest and most well-known in the industry. Your offshore debit card will use these two networks to make your global transactions. The nice thing about this is that these cards are accepted in most places throughout the world, so you can be confident your payments and purchases will go through without problems no matter where you may be or wherever the money is going.

Quick Process

If you’re doing business with another company or person on the other side of the world, you may think getting money to them will take some time, even if done electronically. But with a virtual prepaid card, the payments won’t get held up and delayed for any reasons. Your recipient will have instant access to the funds you are sending. This is good news for contract workers, employees, customers, partners or anyone else expecting payment from you. Plus, the cards are refillable, so you can use them over and over. Also, the card use a chip and a PIN, making them ultra-secure for you and other users.

Great Support

If you ever experience a problem sending a payment or accessing money with your offshore prepaid card, don’t worry. Help is just one quick call away. Highly trained, knowledgeable customer service agents are standing by to assist you with your issue and resolve your concerns so you can get back to business without major delays.

Track Your Expenses

Want to stay organized and stick to a budget? When you have these cards, you also use online expense tracking through a handy mobile app and intuitive website.

Managing your payments and other transactions with across-the-world partners has never been easier. Virtual prepaid card solutions provides flexibility, speed and security you’ve never had before when making global transactions.

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