Ride the Water in Style With a Floating Lounge

When the weather is nice and temperatures are right, nothing beats a fun day in the water. In this environment, you and your family and friends can relax and enjoy recreational activities and games. From waterskiing to wakeboarding and numerous other adventurous activities, these setting provide enjoyable experiences you’ll cherish all year. If you have an 8-person floating lounge, however, your day will get even better. These rafts boast ample space, sturdiness and safety that will be ideal for just about any condition on the water.

Your own Private Island

Think of an 8-person party raft as your own little space in the middle of the water. These giant rafts give you the feeling that you’re floating all alone, peacefully on the water. You’ll be undisturbed, quietly drifting on the calm water where you can visit with family and friends and safely enjoy the sights and sounds of the gorgeous environment.

Comforts and Conveniences

If you plan on staying on the water for an extended period, the 8-person floating lounge won’t disappoint. As the name indicates, this raft holds eight people comfortably. The raft is 11.5 feet by 11.5 feet. In addition, it features eight cup holders where you can secure your favorite beverage. The cup holders are conveniently placed all around the raft. The bottom of the raft is made of mesh, so it won’t hurt your feet. Plus, the inflatable seats and backrests make for a pain-free, comfortable ride. There’s even a 16-quart floating color where you can store your drinks and snacks for the trip. There are ample support and safety features on the raft to ensure that you and your party are secure.

Strong and Sturdy

The water tubes for boats is built to last for many uses, whether you use it on a lake, a river or even the ocean. The raft is constructed with heavy-gauge PVC, a strong material that won’t easily wear out or puncture, so you won’t have to worry about being in an emergency situation on the open water. Plus, there is a speed safety valve that accelerates inflation and deflation, meaning you can get on the water in a hurry. When it’s time to get in and out, you’ll find conveniently placed handles that make it easier to carry and move the raft.

For your next trip to the water, do away with the ordinary raft you’ve been using and purchase an 8-person floating lounge. You’ll never want to be on the water without it.

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