Common Transmission Problems and Repairs

No car owner wants to have their transmission replaced, so it’s important to know when you’re transmission may be exhibiting signs of trouble. It’s also important to realize that not all hope is lost if you do notice signs of transmission trouble. Recognizing these signs early on allows you to get the right transmission service in Draper before more serious damage occurs. These are a few of the common transmission problems people face and how to identify them.

Fluid Level Problems

A common transmission problem is issues with the fluid levels. If you’re vigilant about checking your vehicle’s fluid levels regularly, you’ll hopefully notice this early on when checking. Low fluid levels can also cause the car to shift slowly or even slip gears. Sometimes, these problems are due to old and contaminated fluid, which requires either a change of fluid or a transmission flush. Fluid level problems are almost always due to a leak from faulty or worn out seals that can be replaced. If you notice a red fluid leaking, you almost certainly have a fluid leak that should be repaired.

Damaged Solenoid

The solenoid is responsible for controlling the flow of fluid throughout your transmission in Draper. If the fluid gets too low, it can damage the solenoid. The solenoid can also be damaged because of other electrical issues. Solenoid problems often have the same symptoms as low fluid levels. It there are no leaks, it’s likely that a slipping transmission is due to a damaged solenoid.

Torque Converter

A major sign of transmission problems that people often notice is grinding sounds when the gears are engaged. These sounds can be due to worn-out needle bearing on the torque converter. It’s important to get the transmission inspected right away when you hear these noises, because the problems causing these issues could result in transmission failure if not addressed.

Clutch Issues

The clutch is in the torque converter and when something goes wrong it can get jammed. This causes the solenoid to lock so that the fluid isn’t calculated correctly. This can cause the vehicle to shake or the transmission to overheat. It can also feel like the vehicle has suddenly lost power. If you notice any of these problems with your transmission draper, be sure to get your vehicle in to be serviced right away. Delaying can cause irreparable damage and result in the need for replacement.

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