How to Find the Best Plumbers in San Francisco

Before you need emergency plumbing services in your home, take a few minutes to research local plumbers in San Francisco using these expert tips.

Starting Your Search

When it comes to finding the best plumbers in your community, your most valuable source of information is word of mouth. Ask friends and family members about plumbing services they’ve used in the past. If you’re new to the area, ask your neighbors, your cashier, your postman, and local business owners who they prefer when they need plumbing services in a pinch. An established plumbing company will usually have a good reputation within their community. They may be recipients of local service awards or the sponsor of a little league sports team. Another great source of information on local plumbers is the internet. Check sites like Google, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau for online reviews from real customers. If you come home to a flooded bathroom or kitchen, you might not have the chance to do this sort of research. For this reason, plan ahead so you’ll have your plumber’s name and number ready just in case of an emergency.

First Impressions

Hopefully, you get the chance to meet your plumber before you have a serious emergency. If you’re installing a new sink or garbage disposal, for example, this is a great time to search for a new plumber. Try calling them after regular business hours and see how quickly they respond. This is usually a good indication of the kind of attention you’ll get as a regular client. Ask about their qualifications and educational requirements. Most plumbers received hands-on training and certification through a local trade school. Plumbing companies will usually offer an initial evaluation of your problem with a written estimate for free. Be wary of companies that ask for money over the phone before even seeing your home. Always get an estimate in writing and use that estimate to negotiate the best price among competing companies.

Business Credentials

Before signing the dotted line for any services, always verify the company’s business credentials. Ask for the business license and verify it by calling your local business bureau. Make sure your plumber also has business insurance. Accidents happen but business insurance is designed to cover damages caused by the service provider. Protect yourself and your property from extra repair costs by verifying the business insurance. By verifying this information, you’re also be protecting yourself against scam artists posing as real plumbers in San Francisco.

Summary: How do you find reputable plumbing companies in your community? Here are a few tips to help you avoid repair scams and find the best plumbers in San Francisco.

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