When Do You Need a Permit for Plumbing Work?

Not every commercial plumbing job is as simple as asking your on-site handyman to pull out a wrench to tighten some drippy pipes. Some plumbing work is more intensive, serious, and regulated. Hence the need for plumbing permits. Permits are municipal limitations on certain construction and plumbing jobs. Local governments regulate work done on businesses and homes, and failure to do work with the proper permits can lead to serious fines. While the supposed reason for this is that there are safety measures in place and the city or county intends to protect the public from shoddy work, oftentimes, permits are required simply so the local government can collect fines.

Don’t find yourself liable for serious fines, on top of the costs for plumbing work. You should know when you need a permit for plumbing services in Daly City.

About Plumbing Permits

For the most part, large plumbing jobs will require permits. However, some small plumbing jobs need a permit as well. Thankfully, professional plumbing services will be covered. Professionals typically know the local laws and when permits are required, and they can assist you with obtaining the proper permit.

Many permits standardize work, stating that certain jobs must be done according to specific measurements, standards, clearances, and more. Certain businesses are under harsh codes because the general public will interact with your plumbing. Restaurants and other services with public restrooms are strictly guided by laws.

You can find some permit requirements listed online, but for the most part, just trust professional plumbing for guidance, especially because their recommendations may guide the intensity of the work that you do.

Common Permit Work

Certain jobs typically require a permit, no matter where your property is located. For example, re-pipe labor that requires changing out water supply lines is significant enough to require a permit.

Drain line and sewer line replacements also typically require a permit. Safety codes strictly supervise these services because failure to meet standards can lead to a public health crisis.

Water heater replacements are considered large enough to require a permit. The reason for this is that water heat safety regulations dictate how and where a water heater can be installed, as well as how its settings are managed.

For all serious plumbing labor in your business, contact local plumbing services in Daly City. Laws may dictate that only professionals with specific licenses can perform certain jobs, so the best way to avoid fines is to work thorough a professional plumber.

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