Steps for Choosing Bridesmaid Attire

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is choosing the wedding gown and coordinating all the bridesmaids’ looks. At the actual ceremony and in retrospect in pictures, the ladies of the wedding at center stage are the aesthetic centerpiece of the whole affair. From hair to makeup to choosing from bridesmaid dress styles and colors, pastel or metallic bridesmaid dresses and beyond, here are some of the elements you can play with before making your final decision.

Coordinating Hair and Makeup

The key to creating a group look is to alternate between similarity and difference. If everyone has the same dress, makeup, and hairstyle, things are going to start looking a little too much like each bridesmaid is a long-lost twin. By alternating hairstyle and picking a small range of complementary colors for each woman’s makeup, you can get a matching effect that doesn’t verge on something uncanny.

Start by asking each bridesmaid what hairstyles and makeup looks best on them. Although you want to understate bridesmaids slightly, so they don’t upstage the real star of the event, they’ll also look better and be more comfortable dressed up as they’d prefer. Honoring each lady’s wishes is also the best way to avoid any meltdowns or crises on the big day.


Giving bridesmaids matching bracelets, necklaces, or earrings is a good way to commemorate the time you all spent together before and during the wedding. Popular options today are bracelets with the coordinates of the wedding venue, the date of the wedding, or special messages stamped or engraved onto them. You may also want to get a little sparkle into the mix by choosing a semi-precious stone that coordinates with the wedding colors for each.

Bridesmaid Dresses

These dresses are notorious for causing stress for everyone. Long or short? Lacy or shiny? A few important topics to keep in mind are making them match the wedding theme, keeping them from upstaging the bride, and choosing dresses that the maids feel comfortable in. When choosing bridesmaid dress styles, an easy rule is to pick shorter dresses for summer and spring and longer for the colder months of the year. If you’re standing outside for hours taking photos, the amount of cloth will matter a lot more. Color-wise, many brides are opting for shine with metallic bridesmaid dresses this season. Elegant and a good contrast with a white, feminine wedding gown, this style flies off the shelf.

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