Top 5 Reasons You Should Update Your Wall Plates

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No matter what style you like for your home, you’re going to need functioning wall plates. These plates are fixed to a wall for attaching a bracket, wiring, or other device–think of all your light and fan switches around your house! For those who want to make some quick changes to update their home and give it a fresh look, wall plates are the way to go. Let’s check out the top 5 reasons why you should spruce up your wall plates.

Cracks and Gaps

Wall switch plate manufacturers will be the first to tell you it’s actually very important to check for cracks and gaps. Over the years, wall plates will eventually crack, and this makes them both a dust trap and a potential fire hazard. Lint, dust, and hair can make their way in and act as kindling in an electrical outlet. Dust can clog up the outlet and, in extreme cases, even cause explosions! That’s why it’s better to err on the side of caution and switch out plates that seem old and worn. The same goes for plates that are undersized with a noticeable gap; you’re going to be a whole lot safer if you get plates that actually fit correctly.


Along the same lines as cracks and gaps, it’s important to check for overheating, a huge safety and fire hazard. If you discover scorching or soot around your wall plate, it’s probably caused by a worn outlet rather than faulty electrical wiring. A sure sign of overheating is a plate and screws that are warm to the touch. Consider how much power you’re running through the outlet and if you can make any easy changes, either by installing outlets with a higher capacity or using your appliances elsewhere. Upgrading your plates can help solve these issues and ensure better functioning overall.


Upgrading your wall plates is a quick, ten-minute, ten-dollar makeover that will add a sense of sophisticated style to any home. With plenty of options for wall plate decor online, you can choose new plates that match your color scheme and personal preference. This is also a good step to take if you’re considering selling in the future since buyers pay attention to the little things like this! You can easily turn your neglected outlets into attractive features that add to any room.


It’s truly amazing how fast the years go by, especially after we have settled into our homes and set up a comfortable life for ourselves. But it’s important to keep an eye on the little things and check to make sure everything is functioning properly. Upgrading your wall plates is a great way to confirm that every outlet working as it should be, and if not, it’s time for some new additions to your walls. There is such a unique variety of options from wall switch plate manufacturers that every household is sure to find something that works for them.


Many people who live in older homes may not even realize how long it’s been since their plates were last replaced. Now, they can embrace new technology by upgrading to plates with USB ports for phone chargers and more. Many wall switch plate manufacturers even offer options with up to six USB slots, making these a surefire way to turn your home into a more technology-friendly environment.

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