The Versatile Cord Lock

Even if you don’t know what a plastic cord lock is, you’ve seen them before. They’re the piece of plastic that allows you to adjust the drawstring on a sweatshirt or pair of sweat pants. What you may not know, however, is that plastic cord locks are versatile and have many uses.

Known by a few other names such as plastic stopper or cord toggle, this small piece of hardware is handy to have around the house. Not convinced? Keep reading to learn more about cord locks and their different uses.

What Exactly Is a Cord Lock?

A cord lock is a plastic fastener that works in conjunction with an elastic rope or cord. What sets cord locks apart is that they give the user the ability to tighten or stop off an area of a rope without the use of a knot. This presents kinking or fraying of the cord, keeping it in good shape and preserving its usability.

How Does a Cord Lock Work?

A cord lock keeps a rope or cord in position by making it immobile. This is achieved using the three parts that make up the small machine: the barrel, the plunger, and the spring. When the plunger is pushed down, the spring releases, allowing the user to move or adjust the cord within the mechanism. When the plunger is released, the cord is locked into place.

Cord locks aren’t necessarily one size fits all, and the size you’ll need depends on the girth of the rope. Not to worry, though. Cord locks come in various shapes and sizes and are super cost efficient.

What Can a Cord Lock Be Used For?

Cord locks are everywhere as their functionality makes our lives marginally easier. Mountain climbers specifically use cord locks often for their equipment. This allows them to fasten it into place rather than get bogged down by tying knots.

Additionally, the most common use of cord locks is on clothing and bags. On exercise wear such as sweatshirts and sweat pants ankles, plastic cord locks allow the wearer to adjust the drawstring for maximum comfort and a good fit. Bags and rucksacks that have a draw string around their main opening often utilize cord locks as a closing mechanism.

Finally, cord locks can be used as a means of repairing plastic cords and frayed wires. If an electronic only works if a cord is in a specific position, a cord lock and remedy this by securing the wire. This allows the electric current to flow uninterrupted and results in a working electronic.

Plastic cord locks are a useful tool worth keeping on hand, as you never know when you may need one.

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