How Telmediq Medical Answering Services Can Help You

If you work at a medical facility, Telmediq may be precisely what you and your team medical team need.

What Is Telmediq?

Telmediq is a cloud-based medical answering service that makes the process of answering after-hours calls easier. Private medical practices, healthcare organizations, hospitals, and other medical facilities all use Telmediq to avoid disconnected calls, costs, and the occasional bout of human error.

Telmediq transcribes voice messages in real time, giving physicians and staff easy access to information they need. Telmediq also offers other innovative features like message sharing, callback recording, and one-touch callback.

How Telmediq Can Help

With Telmediq, you no longer need a person to operate switchboards or answer calls, drastically reducing the amount of human error. Telmediq can ensure all calls are sent to the intended receiver automatically and is designed to identify routing rules and on-call schedules for any incoming calls.

Telmediq also has prioritizing features organizing and answering calls that are most urgent first. Telmediq’s ability to prioritize is supported by features like a streamlined communications director, and the ability to set and organize messages based on priority.

What Features Are Included?

Unlike other medical answering services, Telmediq can help coordinate any and all medical communications. Telmediq makes the process of responding to, and tracking calls simpler by simplifying calls and points of communication between medical staff.

Telmediq also offers text message services. Features like Message Lifespan Control and Secure Text Messaging ensure that medical communications are safe and secure within a medical facility.

For instance, Message Lifespan Control allows for assigned administrators to set the lifespan of messages. This feature makes it so that messages are deleted after a determined period.

Telmediq’s Secure Text Messaging feature allows for staff members to exchange Protected Health Information. Secure Text Messaging makes it so that text messages can be sent quickly in a safe and secure space.

Other features like Group Messaging and Structured Communications take the fuss out of medical communications and streamlines the entire process.

The Benefits of using Telmediq

Not only does Telmediq make the process of medical communications more efficient, it can cut costs. Hospitals that use Telmediq no longer need to rely on phone operators to help answer medical calls.

With Telmediq, healthcare facilities can create a single point of communication, that can fulfill all medical communication needs. This automated medical answering service consolidates all branches of the healthcare system such as EMR, lab systems, alarm platforms, scheduling platforms, nurse call systems, and call center solutions.

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