Trendy Swimming Pool Design Ideas

For many, having their own pool is a dream come true. It gives them the opportunity to relax and unwind after a long day, and swimming in it is a great way to stay in shape as well. While building the pool itself is at the forefront, many homeowners decide to add their own unique spin on traditional pools and opt for extravagant additions to really make their pool stand out among the rest. Hilltop Pools and Spas lays out the top swimming pool design trends. Swimming pool builders in Newman can help make your design ideas into a reality.

Stone Features

When it comes to pool design, you can never go wrong with stone. It’s a timeless material used in many pools, and you can customize your mini oasis with many different stone constructions. Stone attachments like raised walls and edging can create serene surroundings. If you want a lagoon-style pool, a natural rock waterfall will do the trick. Cascading waterfalls with a vanishing edge create a stunning, dramatic look. A raised stone wall can also complement masonry such as an outdoor fireplace. There are infinite possibilities here, so it’s all left to your imagination and creativity.

Lounge Area

If you have a home with a view, take advantage of it by crafting raised lounging areas. Brick steps can lead to the edge of the view, accompanied by lounge chairs, so yourself and your guests can enjoy the gorgeous view that may have made you buy the home in the first place. Pool companies in Newman have seen it all, so even if you want a lounge area inside the pool, that can be arranged.

Swim-Up Additions

If you’re building your pool because you want to be the party house, adding features such as a swim-up bar are a great way to go. Swim-up barstools can connect with an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area so your guests can enjoy good food and drink all while lounging in your luxurious pool. This way, you can show off your grilling and cocktail mixing skills to your friends and family.

If you opt for any of these features, your pool is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood. However, you must always make sure the additions you want fit your space and your budget. Consult swimming pool builders in Newman today to narrow down your options and create the pool you’ve always wanted.

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