Understanding Timber Mats for Construction

What Are Timber Mats?

Timber crane mats come in two varieties: oak and a mix of strong hardwoods. Timber mats are twelve-inch support devices to help your construction crew get the job done. Each timber mat is designed to last, withstanding strong weather conditions and great amounts of pressure. And to prevent rotting and splitting, all timber mats are end-coated. Every timber mat is made to help your company move forward. Most timber mats come in sizes ranging from eight to twelve inches thick, depending on what your company needs. And as for the width, timber mats range from four to five feet. Make sure that your vehicles can cross by having the right size mats. Consider what size your crew might need in the future.

Built to Withstand

Timber mats have a force-resistant design, helping them stay flat and preventing them from bending toward the ground. Don’t let gravity and friction stop your construction crew from getting the job done. Have a timber mat help you along the way. Timber mats can take the pressure of various kinds of construction equipment such as dozers and cranes. Moreover, they can withstand the force from wheeled and tracked construction vehicles. Not only are they built to last, they are built to hold up the weight of your vehicles. Timber crane mats are additions to your crew that are made to endure under pressure.

Safety and Friction

Timber mats help you keep moving forward, helping reduce the friction on your vehicles. If you are concerned about going over buried utilities and pipelines, utilize timber mats to keep your vehicles safe and sound. Timber crane mats are designed to help prevent accidents. Making a safe space is one of the primary uses of timber mats. To ensure you can get the most use out of your mats, make sure you take all safety precautions. Timber mats can help promote safety, but make sure to be careful when handling heavy loads.


You can use a timber mat to bridge streams and ditches or when moving over uneven and rugged ground. If you are concerned with the ground being stable, a timber mat might be able to help. Check your future construction sites and see if timber mats might help keep your operation running smoothly. Another use for timber mats is bearing the weight of heavy equipment. Timber mats are there to help when your cranes need to carry heavy loads, supporting the crane and the load simultaneously. So, the next time your crew is in a marsh or needs to lift on a heavy load, rely on timber mats to keep your crew safe and your construction equipment stable. Don’t let terrain get in the way of your work ever again.

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