The Type of Jhumkas you need in your Jewellery Collection

Jhumkas are traditional Indian ear ornaments and play an essential role in representing Indian culture. The primary feature of jhumkas that sets themapart from other earrings is its bell or dome shape, other features may vary according to the different regions of India. All the precincts of India have their distinction that is specific to its locale. Jhumkas are staple to an eastern women’s jewellery collection. On traditional festivals, a woman would look positively vapid without jhumkas. Jhumkas are traditionally made of gold but there have been number of modifications made to the design and metal to suit a more contemporary look. In Indian culture, almost all the jewellery is made from gold because it is considered to be the symbol of wealth and prosperity. In addition, gold jewellery serves as financial security to women as well. Anyhow, following are some exquisite designs of jhumkas that every women need to have in their jewellery collection.

Gold Jhumkas

The gold jhumkas are must-have for traditional occasions and especially on weddings. The richness and luster of gold adds glamour to your outfit as a whole. The designs for gold jhumkas are mostly inspired by natural elements with floral patterns being the most common. In addition to floral design, temple designs are also featured in gold jhumkas. The jhumkas also have dangling gold tassels imbedded with gold beads.

Kashmiri Jhumkas

Kashmiri jhumkas have been observed to be more in demand than any other jhumkas recently. In addition to the main bell, Kashmiri jhumkas have a chain of pearls with another smaller bell attach to it the end. This chain goes over and to the back of your ear; the chain is slightly longer in length than the original bell. It gives you a more lavish andextravagant appearance.

Diamond Jhumkas

For modern women who do not like the classic tone of gold or cannot wear gold because it is not compatible with their complexion, diamond jhumkas with sterling silver or white gold is the next best choice. Diamond jhumkas creates an exuberant effect when combine with contemporary designs. These jhumkas are great for modern parties and cultural functions held in colleges.

Hoops Jhumkas

Some jhumkas also have a huge hoop with bells that creates a sensuous look by combining two different types of earring designs. Hoop jhumkas are also massively popular among younger generation of women because of their simple yet opulent design. You should wear these jhumkas with rather homely and modest outfit to get the most out of it.


Jhumkis are variation of jhumkas; they are smaller in size and do not have any other ornament. They are simply consistent of smaller bells. Jhumkis have become more popular than jhumkas due to their small size and elegance. Another feature that works in their factor is that they do not strain the wearer’s ear because of smaller bells. Jhumkis also have fine tassels of beads at the end of bells which add a little luxury to the otherwise simple ornament.

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