When using concrete there is always going to be a level of concern in regards to the best way to maintain it. Concrete can be used for everything from driveways and patios to kitchen counters and indoor flooring. Concrete can bring a modern aesthetic to a home, and its use both in interiors and exteriors has increased. Protecting your concrete is always going to be a priority after it has been poured. Taking the correct steps to protect your concrete will extend its life and the look of your concrete surfaces. The following sealers are going to protect your concrete and give it a finished look.

Epoxy Sealer

Epoxy can be used on just about any type of concrete, whether that is your garage, interior floors, or even concrete countertops. Epoxy is made using polymers that, when mixed together and cured, create a highly durable surface. Epoxy will protect your concrete from stains and spills as well as scratches. While epoxy is clear, it can have color pigment added to it to customize the look. Epoxy can produce varying levels of shine, but you’re likely to get a mid-level to high-gloss finish. 

Penetrating Sealer 

A penetrating sealer is ideal for somewhere such as a driveway or a patio slab that is going to constantly be exposed to the elements. Penetrating sealers do exactly as their name indicates. They penetrate the concrete, leaving a weather-resistant seal without altering the appearance of the concrete itself. This type of sealer will protect your driveway and other exterior concrete from damaging climate changes such as freeze and thaw cycles that can cause cracking.

Clear Concrete Sealer

Clear concrete floor sealer is going to be your sealer of choice for areas of exposed concrete such as in a basement, a driveway, or even a pool deck. This type of concrete basement floor sealer will protect against moisture and staining while leaving your concrete with a polished appearance. A clear sealer will leave your concrete flooring more durable and hard-wearing.  So wherever your concrete might be located or whatever purpose it may be serving, there is an appropriate sealer for the job. Whether it is a clear concrete floor sealer for your basement or an epoxy for your garage, using a sealer will protect your concrete and extend its life. Taking the time to protect your concrete will always pay off in the long run.

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