In this fast-paced society, everything wanted must be instantaneous. Therefore, the idea of wearing braces for two years seems a tortuous proposition. It is worthy to wait that long for an attractive smile but can’t the teeth straightening process be quickened instead.

Actually, the tooth movement process is complicated and very amazing. It involves multiple cells, tissues and cell signaling matters. When force is applied to teeth roots with the help of wires and braces or from invisible aligners, bone and tissue cells surrounding the root get stimulated and act. These biological changes cannot occur instantly but takes time and differs from one person to another.

Accelerating and pushing tooth movements can trigger adverse effect and can cause severe damage to roots and its surrounding tissues. The orthodontists are well aware about these biological processes, so they design individualised cosmetic teeth straightening plan.

What is accelerated orthodontics?

Accelerated orthodontics is a treatment form that is aimed to straighten teeth effectively but in a short time. For busy people, it is a good option as it works in several months than years.

How is accelerated orthodontics performed?

Several methods are used including –

  • A hand-free device equipped with an activator is used. The patient wears this device for 20 minutes daily around existing braces. The device makes use of gentle pulsing technology, so as to speed the teeth movement according to braces positioning. This device is FDA approved and is regarded to be safe for accelerating orthodontic treatment but use it as directed.
  • Propel method helps to stimulate teeth bone and increase cytokine activity. Thus, the bone remodeling process gains speed. Individual specific teeth can be targeted, if necessary.
  • An invasive method is used to accelerate orthodontic treatment. The tissue between two teeth is removed, which offers space for the tooth to move fast.

All the above methods use aligners for minimum 6 months after achieving proper alignment, so as to allow bone to recuperate as well as keep new position of the teeth stable. Make sure to follow oral hygiene as recommended by your dentist.

Benefits of accelerated orthodontics

  • Less treatment time over traditional methods
  • Works with any kind of braces [metal, ceramic and lingual]
  • Worthy investment for all, especially those with severe misalignments

Downsides of accelerated dentistry

As accelerated dentistry is in its infancy there is still research needed on how the treatment results get affected overtime. As your teeth shifts quickly, frequent visits to the orthodontist will be needed for adjustments. It means in few months you will visit as many times as you would in a couple of years. Accelerated dentistry is not for patients suffering from very severe malocclusions but traditional way is the possible option.

Tips to accelerate orthodontic treatment

  • Avoid hard and chewy foods. It can snap wires or bend brackets and time taken to fix it will slow the treatment time.
  • Use elastics properly. You may have removed the elastic to eat and brush but now you desire to leave it off for some time. Remember the time your mouth spends without the elastic’s treatment process slackens.
  • Cut food in manageable portions but cook sliced apple or carrot. Healthy food does not speed treatment process but can break the brackets.
  • Keep teeth and gums clean. Teeth move better without tartar and plaque. Follow proper oral hygiene to speed treatment.
  • Never clench jaw because it affects how teeth moves. Discuss clenching and grinding of teeth with the dentist.
  • Never miss dentist appointments because habitual cancellations can increase the time in braces.

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