Plastic surgery was the only option to remove those wrinkled and frowning lines from your face in previous days. Those lines were made by continuous frowning and due to excessive stress and lack of maintenance. However, with time medical science has advanced and so has various techniques. One such technique that has made life easier is getting rid of knife to remove those frowning lines from face, feet and palm.

Cosmetic injections have taken place to remove those stubborn lines. Botox injections are non-surgical therefore, its procedure takes less time. These injections are so simple and easy that patients come any time of the day to get their face and other body parts turn smooth. It is a drug that is inserted into muscles through an injection to improve the adult lines. It is said not all people qualify for the procedure. It is perfect for those who get lines on their faces even without making any expression.

However, if you still have doubt about the procedure, then ask yourself these few questions to get a definite answer –

  • Any side effects
  • Apart from injection any other process to cure
  • Right timing
  • Age factor
  • Other benefits if required

Any side effects

Although the procedure has no side effects, but doctors recommend avoiding exercising or lying down after injection. This is because while exercising muscles loosen up which mean the drug can flow to other muscles, and the same happens when you lay down. Apart from that, there can be slight swelling in the injected portion, therefore it is wise to not take the therapy on the day you have an occasion. Even patients who have old medical history should consult their physicians first.

Apart from injection any other process to cure

Cosmetic injection can only take care of wrinkles around, forehead, eyes and eyebrows. However, people think that by taking this injection they can completely change the look of their entire face by looking younger. However, the fact is that, cosmetic injections don’t cover up your age if you have drooling skin. They can only tighten certain areas. Deep creases around the nose till mouth, lines around the lips and hollow eyes can be taken care of by fillers. Fillers remove double chin, and provide perfect shape to your cheeks. To look younger, plastic surgeons recommend cosmetic injections with fillers.

Right timing

Cosmetic injections show their results within three to seven days, until then you might see some swelling or bruises on your face. One injection lasts for three months at least. Hence, if you have a big event like wedding coming up, then you should consult a surgeon as early as possible so that you get time to remove those swelling and bruises from your face before the event.

Age factor

Injections can be started anytime when you see wrinkle’s formation on your face. Injections depend entirely on the skin type of the person.

Other benefits if required

Cosmetic injection isn’t only to remove wrinkles and uplifting your skin. It can benefit in other problems as well. People who suffer with migraine, chronic pain, excessive underarm’s sweating, lock jaw, overactive bladder and heel pain, all can be treated well with injections. Thus, if you have any such problem you can still refer to a plastic surgeon.

Not everyone suffers from swelling, irritation or redness on skin after taking the shot, but it is still recommended to use ice pack for few minutes minimum to avoid any trouble. Don’t try to compromise with your skin by getting treated from a cheap clinic. Always search well and if your budget doesn’t permit you to go for a good and reputable clinic, then wait for your chance to come, but don’t rush.

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