The stigma that is attached with cannabis is very difficult to get rid of, though 50 of the states in The USA has already legalized it. Therefore, treating with CBD may always create certain controversy.

There are many people in the USA who are suffering from acute anxiety problem so much so that they are even afraid to leave their house. However, due to certain amount of opposition to cannabis, they are not ready to use as a means of treatment.

According to research conducted by medical professional in number of countries have convinced themselves that pure spectrum CBD oil can be used for the treatment of anxiety too.

CBD has been suggested as working in combination with CB1 receptor. In general, receptors, are proteins which receive all the chemical signals coming from outside of the cells. As these chemical signals will bind to receptors, there will be a response initiated.

Cannabinoids will bind with endocannabinoid receptors, once such interaction has started, signal transduction pathways will turn-on, and as a result, the physiological effects with the cannabinoids present in our bodies will start.

Scientists consider that CB1 receptor will change serotonin signals. Usually low level of serotonin has been linked with depression, and they may even result into anxiety in certain individuals.

Medical studies

The traditional medical treatment for anxiety will involve selective serotonin. National Institute on Drug Abuse has conducted a study and discussed the potential therapeutic advantages of CBD.

Study conducted by another agency too illustrated the antidepressant-like and anxiolytic-like effects that CBD can produce on animals.

Animals was given CBD to study who experienced lower depression levels and anxiety while put through tests such as swimming and puzzle-mazes.

Another unique study discussed about the CBD effects on pathological anxiety among people and also the neural processes that was associated with it. An oral dose or a placebo of CBD were given to patient.

Focus on this study was on social anxiety which proved that CBD indeed can reduce this kind of anxiety because of the effects of compound on limbic and paralimbic brain activity.

As cannabis is getting legalized in a greater number of states, few additional studies will further bolster the such research which is currently showing that CBD can also remove the anxiety, fear, physical response, and illnesses like PTSD.

THC and CBD combined

We need to also understand the way THC and CBD work together for offer better medicinal efficacy.

Few people however claim that by taking medical cannabis they felt little more anxious. The reason is many chemovars are used in the medicine that have higher THC levels.

As opposed to CBD, THC is supposed to have just the opposite action on anxiety symptoms. It can rather cause more paranoia and anxiety. That is because it will activate the brain’s amygdala area which is related to feeling of fear.

CBD however counteracts this feeling which is associated with THC. By taking it on its own can even eliminate anxiety. One has to know the right mixing of THC and CBD in the cannabis varieties so that it can have significant amount of both to achieve more effective therapeutic benefits.

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