Legally Get Rid of All Your Debt When You Can’t Pay Anymore – The Pros & Cons of Filling Bankruptcy

Each year, millions of Americans are faced with extremely tough financial decisions. Hard working Americans who have to go through a divorce, a sudden loss of income or have to deal with a medical emergency are pushed into bankruptcy when they simply can’t afford to pay their credit card balances each month as well as paying for living expenses.

Listen, when it comes down to paying a creditor, or putting a roof over your children’s heads, the answer is obvious: your kids, your wife and your family’s well being need to take priority. It really sucks when you have to face the facts that you are broke and in desperate help to get back on your feet. It is unpleasant facing the truth but it is the necessary first step in order to get started on the road to financial independence.

Bankruptcy Pros and Cons

Now, you must understand that filing bankruptcy is not the deadbeat’s way of racking up a lot of debt and then filing to avoid paying what you owe. Bankruptcy is a legal protection for people who are faced with hardship and are faced with the decision to pay their bills and not be able to feed their families or default on credit card payments in order to barely keep their heads above water.

Bankruptcy is a protection for you and your family but like anything else, there’s pros and cons:


1 Most all of your debts will be erased
2 You will be able to start fresh with a clean slate
3 Nasty, threatening calls from creditors and debt collectors will stop
4 Any lawsuits or wage garnishments will stop
5 All the money that you were paying to credit cards just for minimum payments can be used to start a savings account or to simply cover the rent or pay for food without worrying about where the money will come from


1 It will stay on your credit report for 7 years.
2 It will affect your ability to get credit for a mortgage or a car loan, but chances are, your credit was pretty poor before you filed bankruptcy. At least now you can begin rebuilding credit.
3 You will need to navigate a difficult a complex process

Get Rid Of All Your Debts The Right Way. Avoid Credit Settlement Scams!

Listen, the only legal way to get rid of your debt is by filling bankruptcy. Credit settlement deals and debt consolidation are scams that can get you in big trouble. Those options will not protect you against a law suit or wage garnishments. But you can begin fresh and give yourself and your family the tranquility and peace of mind with a Debt Free Life! All you need to do is get a free consultation with an attorney in your area that will explain your options to you.